Double Napkin/Tampon Vender, White, Surface Mount

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The surface mounted vendor line provides easy flexible mounting on any type of wall material or construction.

All welded construction of 20 and 22 gauge steel. Door hinged with full length steel piano hinge and secured with two tumbler keyed locks.  Shown in Epoxy Finish.  Also available in Stainless Steel or in Recessed Stainless Steel.

All units have removable coin box with tumbler lock keyed different from door. Interchangeable coinage mechanism for free, $.25, $.50 or $1.00 (coin) vending. The user must choose a mechanism type that best suits their needs. If needs change in the future Frost does sell mechanism parts to change to a new mechanism amount.
Uses 15 no. 4 napkin (11 no. 6), 22 standard tampon tubes.

Installation: Secure unit to wall through holes in the back of unit with the four mounting screws
provided. For barrier free mounting insure that the coin mechanism handle does not exceed
48″ (120 cm) above floor level.


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